What is Fair Trade?

More and more we are seeing the message about our social responsibility as a consumer. At the same time, consumers are becoming more conscious of their health, ethics and environmental issues. Fortunately, Fair trade products are now more accessible, thanks the response and demand by consumers. While the accessibility has widened, there are still many out there wondering – what is Fair Trade exactly?

All Fair Trade products sold in Canada bear the certification logo from Transfair Canada. This certification guarantees that ethical trading practices are met with the labour methods of the farms and that the farmers are paid a fair price to support their livelihoods. This is typical in certain industries such as Coffee, Chocolate, Teas, Spices, Bananas and textiles where in the traditional markets, harvesters have little bargaining power and make limited returns and powerful intermediaries control the supply chain and reap huge profits on these products. Fair trade certification also provides social premiums that are used for community and family development projects, such as constructing schools and health clinics.

Fair trade and organic choices are premium in quality over conventional types because of the many health and environmental benefits. Organically growing cocoa and coffee beans is a labour-intensive process and there are additional returns that are realized when this method is followed. Crops are grown without the use of pesticides, benefiting the health of soil, the farmer, and the consumer. Organic cocoa and coffee beans are grown using “shade-grown techniques”. Shade growing eliminates the clear cutting of forests, which is the downside of the conventional methods. The lure of higher yields by growing in full sunlight can be an incentive to chop down plantation.

At The Horn of Plenty, we promote healthy alternatives to wellness and the environment. We carry are wide range of gourmet Fair Trade Organic Chocolate, Coffee, Teas, Bananas, Cane Sugar, spices, clothing, accessories and more!

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